Canada150 Mosaic Mural


Thank you to all our Sponsors and Partners of the Mosaic Tile Mural Project. We hope you can agree that the final piece is fantastic!

Due to unexpected permits and inspections, the installation of the mural will be delayed. Please check back here and on our social media accounts for updates as to when the final installation will happen.

Popular Questions & Answers

Q: Where will it be hung?

A: The St. Paul Street location seems ideal for maximum exposure to the community

More Information:
The Write Bookshop will be overseeing for cleaning and vandalism for the next 5 years. The mural costs $12,500 but we’re raising $14,000 to create a small fund for mounting, cleaning and repair.

Q: How much money still needs to be raised?

A: $14,000 for the small version 8 x 10 feet a larger mural, 10 x 12 feet is $16,500.

More Information:

  • We have more than half raised now.
  • Two grants are coming in April, then we will know exactly where we stand over all.
  • An additional Fundraiser will be happening during the Festival as a contingency plan. We will have a dunk tan. Come purchase balls, plus other cool artsy stuff like Henna. We are also hosting a concert and soup event featuring local culture on May 4th. Part of the proceeds will go towards the mural.
  • We still need sponsors and want the community involved!

Q: Is $49 for one tile?

A: No, the tiles are free to paint even if you don’t end up being a sponsor.

Q: What’s the plan to paint all these tiles?

There will be two professional artists coming from Alberta to facilitate a painting tent in the Family Area. They will have 350 tiles already painted when they arrive. The remainder will be painted over 2 days during Festival 2018.

More Information:

  • We are planning an awesome interactive Family Zone (85 Church Street) and this project is it’s core.
  • Anyone who comes from the community can paint one of 420 tiles.
  • May 5th between 11 and 6 pm
    May 6th between 11 and 4 pm

Q: What is the mural of?

Our Concept is ‘Multicultural Garden City’. We are working on some overall images (Harriet Tubman, the carousel, vineyards, the lake…)

More Information:

  • The smaller tiles can have your own images of what St. Catharines means to you (flowers, landmarks, cultural or religious symbols).
  • The 2 artists will monitor 12-16 people in the tent at a time.

Q: I’m not artistically inclined. Should I still paint?


More Information:

  • They give you your colour palette on a paint plate, then you paint whatever you like.
  • They fit it into a freestanding mural frame onsite, so you get to see where your will it will fit into the finished product.
  • You can go enjoy other areas of the Festival and come back later to see the progress.
  • Afterwhich they coat and seal the whole thing.