Invest some time, invest in your future!

The JSW Program is your first step to employment as it has been specifically designed to assist new and recent immigrants to Canada in their job search. The program offers pre-employment training and assists internationally trained individuals with the initial stages of their job search.


During your first visit, you will meet with our Employment Assessor who will work with you to develop an employment action plan. This action plan will provide you with strategies to address any barriers that you may face in your job search.


The JSW curriculum focuses on simple, but critical questions that you need to answer before moving on to your job search. Offered in a computerized environment, the Job Search Workshops will help guide you through research about the job of your choice, targeting your job search, preparing your job search materials, preparing for the job interview and more. Additionally, we offer short sessions on: Networking & Small Talk, Public Speaking, LinkedIn and Your Job Search and Writing Emails for Job Search.


Four to six weeks after your initial assessment and three months after each workshop you attend, we will follow up with you, to review your progress working through the steps from your action plan. We are happy to offer further support, just let us know how we can help!

Who is Eligible

You must be a permanent resident, convention refugee, or live-in caregiver in order to qualify for the program.

Suitability for Workshops

Do you have strong English language skills (CBLA Level 5)? A clear occupational goal? Basic computer skills? A commitment to the time and work required? Do you want to learn more about Canadian companies, business and corporate culture? About strategies that will help you connect with others? If your answer is yes, then please contact us!