The Mentorship Program connects:

Newcomers to Canada (mentees) with Career-Based Professionals with Canadian Experience (mentors).

Newcomers learn about working in their field in Canada while making professional connections in their new community.

Mentors act as guides to life in the working community. In the process, they learn about other cultures and gain a better understanding of what newcomers contribute to Canada.

Ongoing position openings for Career Mentors in the following fields:

  • IT Mentor
  • Mechanical Engineer Mentor
  • Cleaning Company Owner
  • Chemical Industry, Pharmaceuticals or Materials/Liquid
  • Florist Mentor
  • Architect Mentor
  • Physiotherapist
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Past Events

As a Newcomer to Canada seeking career advice and guidance:*
– Register as a Mentee to discover the career opportunities around you
– *Eligibility: Permanent Residents, Convention Refugees or Live-in Caregivers

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As a Career-Based Professional willing to share your Canadian experience:
– Register as a Mentor to give back to newcomer professionals in your community
– This volunteer position is open to all career fields (engineering, accounting, nursing etc.)

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