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Azra Momin


Azra Momin

Country of Origin


How has being a newcomer influenced your art/music?

Since I've lived in quite a few different places the concept of being a newcomer almost doesn't occur to me. Specific places bring specific influences and in that way living in Niagara, close to the North American outdoors has definitely informed my work, adding to my existing influences from other places :)

What themes are present in your art/music?

Nature and stewardship, books, poetry, and community along with self-reflection and wellness.

How has participating in the "Art Hub" impacted your art/music AND overall wellness?

The cheerful gatherings and the combination of art forms, and the influx and congregation of world cultures makes me incredibly happy to learn, participate, and be part of something so positive and uplifting.

For Photos 1-6: The common themes in all of these are universality, history, sustainability, and joy of nature. I like to mix materials and cultural themes; time periods and styles to create art that is deeply personal but, I hope, art that is also widely accessible, and promotes artisanship and cross-generational awareness.

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