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Nida Siddiq


Nida Siddiq

Country of Origin


How has being a newcomer influenced your art/music?

Before coming to Canada I used to love painting but after coming to Canada I didn’t get a chance to do. When I got this chance through Niagara Folk Arts, I enjoyed it a lot. I also got a chance to learn 1 instrument and I chose guitar. I never learned or played guitar before and when I got this opportunity I was so happy and now i am enjoying it.

What themes are present in your art/music?

I like to paint nature so for the Art Hub sessions, I selected beautiful scenery. In my guitar learning session, we are learning basic chords now. I have some songs in my mind which I hope to learn someday when I get good hands on basic chords.

How has participating in the "Art Hub" impacted your art/music AND overall wellness?

For me painting and learning to play guitar is like therapy after long busy days. I always look forward to these sessions and take some time off to practice guitar really makes me feel calm and relax. It also helps me connect with people virtually which I am missing in person. It’s great to see others work and learn something new.

In my guitar learning session I am learning basic chords and also I tried to play song name “Every Rose Has It’s Thorn”

Listen to Nida playing the guitar here.

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