As a non-profit that celebrates and promotes the cultural, social, and economic inclusion and well-being of all immigrants and newcomers, our organization relies on the generosity of individuals like you.

We truly appreciate your support of our newcomer settlement services work in Niagara.

Donating to our General Fund allows the organization to be flexible to meet the needs of our clients and organization whatever they may be.

Think of your charitable donation to our Social Enterprise Café as an investment, not for generating a financial return but rather generating social benefit. This fund will assist in the start up costs as well as the maintenance of a newcomer-run social enterprise café.

This fund will support newcomer-run restaurant businesses in connecting them with organizations in the community to cater their events. This fund will assist in start up costs as well as some maintenance such as kitchen rental costs.

Be a part of a green initiative that will assist newcomer families to learn about local produce, sustainability and the creation of community spaces for all. Funds received under this category will be allocated to the following projects: herb garden, teaching garden for newcomer children, beautification of the garden grounds to celebrate public community events.

Studies on refugees in Canada noted an increased risk of PTSD and depression, an increased rate of mental health problems in refugee children, and an increased risk for psychotic disorders. Funds received under this category will be allocated to: one-on-one counselling and social group sessions.

We pride ourselves on the ability to offer talented, promising, and deserving adult and youth newcomers a bursary and scholarship programme. Newly created named funds will support the distribution of scholarships and bursaries to assist in post-secondary education, licensing or accreditation fees.

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