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Newcomers to Canada - RBC

As one of Canada’s largest banks—with over 150 years serving newcomers—we have learned what you need when you first arrive in Canada.

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Welcome to Niagara

Choosing a new home, moving there, and finding a job can be challenging for newcomers to Canada. In Niagara Canada there is plenty of support to help you make this experience as easy as possible. There is help when you are planning to arrive and when you are ready to make your home here.

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Sample Feedback Language

This guide offers tips on how to use the correct language to convey our messages.

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Facilitating Networking Opportunities for your Mentee

Networking is an important component of the mentoring relationship. This document suggests ways you can help your mentee prepare for networking, as well as tips on who they could meet to expand their network.

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Sample Agenda for Mentorship Meetings

You can use these examples as inspiration for your meetings with your mentor or mentee. The focus of your meetings will depend on the goals that you set together during your first meeting.

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Mentoring Basics for Mentors

This guide details helpful skills, techniques, and activities a mentor could engage a mentee in.

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Supporting your Mentee to Overcoming Roadblocks

This module focuses on some of the roadblocks your mentee may face at different stages in their job search.

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Coaching your mentee for their job interview

This module is designed to guide you on how you can support your mentee in preparing for job interviews.

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How to find a mentor in Canada: Tips for newcomers

For many newcomers in Canada, finding a job and getting back in their field of work feels like an uphill task. While it does take effort (and patience) to find meaningful employment, there are various resources and tools available that you, as a newcomer, can leverage to ease your job search journey. One such incredibly valuable resource is a mentor.

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Our Mission

We celebrate and promote cultural, social and economic inclusion and well-being of all immigrants and newcomers.

Our Vision

We are a gateway to equitable, respectful and welcoming communities for immigrants and newcomers in Niagara.

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