The 4C Project

The 4C Project – “Compassionate Culturally Competent Champion” is a training to empower participants to be able to take control of and work to dispel the discrimination that happens within their own spaces and communities, the ESL classroom, educational facilities, the home, the workplace, one’s place of worship, etc. Champions will co-facilitate professional development sessions for any organization or team aiming to stay current and relevant with changing demographic clientele.

  • A training initiative designed to empower participants with the necessary tools to compassionately dispel discrimination that happens within our communities and networks and allow for self-reflection
  • Provide a forum for discussion for a diverse set of views through experiential exercises and activities
  • Break down stereotypes, improve our understanding of our shared community, finding common ground and increase levels of acceptance, openness, and inclusion
  • Moving on from the idea of “tolerance” to the idea of cultural humility, through cultural awareness and sensitivity, and cultural competency
  • Advocating for the value of diversity, not only with regard to race, religion, and gender, but in terms of diversity of thought and opinion

To get involved or to request a session for your team, please contact:

The Community Connections Department
Phone: 905-685 6589 Ext. 228 or 26