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About our Volunteer Program

Volunteering at the Niagara Folk Arts Multicultural Centre (NFAMC) is an opportunity to learn about other cultures, share your own culture and meet new people. There are several opportunities to volunteer with our Centre and we hope that you choose us on your journey to becoming a volunteer.

If you are interested in volunteering with our Centre and are at least 18 years old, please start your journey by clicking "Apply to be a Volunteer" below.

If you are under 18 years old and need to complete your community service hours or are interested in completing a student placement at our Centre, please email our Volunteer Coordinator directly at [email protected]

UPDATE: At the moment, our Volunteer Coordinator is currently not accepting new online volunteer applications.

We hope that you will check back here soon and thank you for your understanding, patience and continued support.

Volunteer Opportunities

We have opportunities for newcomers and Canadians who are interested in volunteering with our Centre in the following areas:

• Customer Service
• Newcomer Children
• Special Events
• English Language Practice
• Newcomer Seniors (50+)
• Translation/Interpretation

• Fundraising
• Newcomer Youth (Ages 13-24)
• Workshop Facilitation/Speaking
• Leisure/Group Activities
• Professional Mentorship

We also offer learning opportunities for co-op placement and service-learning students as well as community interns who are looking for personal and/or professional experience in the settlement field.

Our Community Connections staff can also help newcomers who are interested in volunteering in the larger community find opportunities to get involved in Niagara.

Volunteering Videos

Eligibility Requirements

We have no eligibility requirements if you are interested in volunteering with our Centre.

If you are a newcomer and would like help finding a suitable volunteer placement in the community, we welcome Permanent Residents (PR), Landed Immigrants, Intent-to-Land, approved PR applicants, Convention Refugees and Live-in Caregivers to access this service.

Contact a Team Member

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator following the link below.


Building Blocks for Newcomers: A Guide on Volunteering

By volunteering, you can give your time and skills to the causes and issues that matter to you. Volunteering is a way to get connected to the people and places where you live and can really help you get settled into your new life.

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A Newcomers Guide to Volunteering in Niagara

A Newcomer’s (Quick) Guide to Volunteering in Niagara.

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The Value of Volunteering Wheel

The Value of Volunteering Wheel illustrates the many benefits of volunteering to building confidence, competence, connections, and community. It also serves as a portal to research that examines the social and economic value to organizations, neighbourhoods, businesses, society-at-large and to volunteers themselves.

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5-Step Volunteer Application Process

How to get started volunteering with the Niagara Folk Arts Multicultural Centre.

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Our Mission

We celebrate and promote cultural, social and economic inclusion and well-being of all immigrants and newcomers.

Our Vision

We are a gateway to equitable, respectful and welcoming communities for immigrants and newcomers in Niagara.

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