Bahaa and Abdullah
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Bahaa and Abdullah

Bahaa and Abdullah are both from Iraq. They both came to Canada to seek a better life. As many newcomers, most of their family is in their home country. They receive daily videos and pictures from the situation on the ground as it worsens. They feel a sense of despair and anguish as they hear from their family about what’s going on.

In many ways, those of us that have been raised in Canada take for granted how good we have it in this country. We don’t often have to deal with a lack of running water when we turn on the tap, or intermittent electricity, or experience concern about our safety and security. The list goes on.

“What is the hardest thing about being in Canada knowing the situation back home?”

Bahaa: “My family calls me crying everyday telling me their living condition is getting worse and worse. They have no access to social services, they fear for their safety, poverty is increasing at a rapid pace, and corruption is rampant. They are asking us to do something. The least we can do is spread the message and allow people to become aware of what is going on. From Canada, we are trying to help them in any way possible.”

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