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"In my first days in Canada, I realized that making decisions while living in a different country is a big challenge especially when you go from one of the smallest countries in the world, Kuwait, to one of the biggest countries in the world, Canada. Also, from one of the warmest countries to one of the coldest countries. It was really a big step in my life. When I first arrived, my eyes first noticed all the wooden houses and all the squirrels moving around. This reminded me of my childhood when I used to watch them in cartoons. I started to feel that I have entered that world.

Slowly, I started adapting to Canadian culture and lifestyle. It was different but after getting my driving license and buying a car everything started going smoothly. I started applying for jobs. I have practiced as a Pharmacist for over 20 years. I am preparing for my pharmacy exams now. The best thing was that my brother was already here in Canada so he really helped me a lot. I know that without having relatives or friends in Canada, it can be tough.

The best thing here in Canada is that in one government department you can apply for many government papers, for example Service Ontario provides you with many things like health card, drivers license, birth certificate, while back home, those things belong to different departments.

When I first came to Canada, something funny happened. My family and I started throwing all our garbage into one garbage can and put it in front of our house so the garbage truck can take it. Then I heard someone knocking on our door. It was the garbage truck driver who seemed very angry. He asked us why we didn't use different recycling bins for different materials. I guess now we know."

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