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Kristen is a Youth Worker in our Youth Services department.

Kristen started at the Multicultural Centre 3 years ago in February of 2016 as she was finishing her degree at Brock University in Child and Youth Studies. Before applying to the Folk Arts, she was not aware of the services that we provided to newcomers. However through the job, she has gained valuable experiences and gained new perspectives.

Kristen loves to travel and enjoys meeting new people and learning about different cultures. She is an avid believer that the more we open ourselves to learn about others, the more understanding we are to the story that everyone has to tell.

Kristen has a passion for seeing youth reach their potential and find a sense of belonging. She believes that everyone has a story that can include many different positive and negative experiences. Despite the adversities that they may face, she strives to see youth excel by supporting them in their journey.

For Kristen, working at the Multicultural Centre is the dream job! She gets to travel the world by trying different foods at centre-wide events, learn new languages, and learn about different cultures all in her 8am to 4pm work day.

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