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Celebrating Hadeel Nadim: Recipient of the $1,000 Stantec Busary Award 

Hadeel is an internationally trained dentist with 10 years’ experience as a General Dental Practitioner in Khartoum, Sudan. She arrived in Canada in November, 2018 as a refugee due to political persecution from the Government in Sudan. Prior to her coming to Canada, she worked mainly in Government Hospitals as this allowed her to provide services to those that could not afford dental care. She is also the recipient of the $1,000 Stantec Bursary Award, a bursary awarded to a newcomer in Niagara with a professional background in science, technology, or engineering. The purpose of the award is to assist the recipient in furthering their career through additional training or recertification. The bursary award was donated by Stantec to Niagara Workforce Planning Board's Immigrant Mentorship Program.  

Hadeel is a client at the Folk Arts and attended the session held by the Job Search Workshop on how to apply for the Bursary. She intends to use the $1,000 from the bursary to pay for the application and examination fees for her license to practice dentistry in Canada. She volunteers in the dental program of the Quest Community Health Center as a dental assistant which allows her to work in the field she loves while giving back to her community. Volunteering at Quest allows her to work with people that are facing challenges and for whom dental care is not always a priority. This is in line with her lifelong passion of making dental care available to people facing several barriers including low income, mental health issues and homelessness.

We wish Hadeel all the best as she continues on her licensing journey in Canada and celebrate this success with her. Congratulations Hadeel!

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