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"I recently took part in a one-day Teacher Design Lab hosted by the Department of Imaginary Affairs that brought together 10 ESL/LINC instructors across Ontario in January. The mission of the Department of Imaginary Affairs is to "seek, collect, and share stories of new and developing Canadians from coast to coast.

The Stories of Us is one of their programs, which involves creating an evolving and growing online ESL library of newcomer stories, written by newcomers about their journeys to and experiences in Canada. It is within this context that the teachers shared ideas and brainstormed about how best to incorporate The Stories of Us into a PBLA curriculum.

It was a wonderful day of collaboration and learning among ESL/LINC teachers who understand first-hand the importance of giving voice to their students' stories as newcomers to Canada."

Thanks to the Department of Imaginary Affairs for the opportunity!

Check out Newcomer Stories online: https://dia.space/projects/the-stories-of-us/library/

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