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Zehra is from Turkey. She arrived in Canada with her family in April of 2018.

She comes to Canada with 15 year’s experience in the Human Resources sector specializing in recruitment, training and development, employer relations, and performance management.

She connected with some friends who lived in Niagara Falls and ended up settling there as well. 

When asked what her first impressions of Canada were, she mentions how she appreciates the Canadian system, rules and regulations, traffic laws etc.

She says if a stop sign in Canada means "STOP", it may just be a "suggestion" in Turkey.

With her background in HR, she also immediately noticed buildings being wheelchair accessible. No country, organization, or institution is perfect, but she appreciates Canada's accommodating nature to those with special needs.

She enjoys the Canadian summers, surrounded by beautiful nature and parks, but is still adjusting to the winter weather and driving in the snow.

She now wishes to pursue work in her field and is looking for any opportunities to get her career kick started in Canada.

If you are an employer that needs HR assistance or consultancy, connect with us as we are always looking to match our newcomer clients with suitable employers.

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