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Lucine can be best described as a community engager. In relation to newcomer re-settlement, Lucine played a vital role in 2015 with the influx of Syrian refugees. She was one of the leading members of the Niagara Refugee Assistance Committee which was tasked with providing assistance and resources to newcomer families and their sponsors. One example of an activity was a clothing drive that provided clothing, jackets, and winter items for those in need. Lucine is also the conduit between the Folk Arts and the Armenian community creating ideas for programming and recruiting participants to attend. As a former immigrant to Canada, Lucine is able to relate to their experience in Canada.

It is Lucine’s drive to do more that she decided to change her career. As a former customer service manager, Lucine changed careers through the Second Career Program and through Contact North was able to apply for a web-based Law Clerk program from Northern College. She specializes in landlord/tenant issues, immigration, and real estate. As Lucine has shown, it is never too late to change careers and do what you enjoy. Lucine graduated in December 2019.

Congratulations Lucine and we wish you the best of luck moving forward!

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