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"My name is Muhammad Anees and I am a newcomer volunteer. I am from Pakistan and lived in Canada almost 11 months now. I speak other south Asian languages like Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu and Pashto as well.

I have been working closely with the volunteer coordinator on projects like revamping of volunteer policy and planning for the maintenance of surroundings of the Centre. Also, was helping other partner organizations to help settle other newcomers. She is a great leader, very helpful and extremely committed to what she is doing.

Now, I am continuing remotely and working on the documentation related to the volunteers in the Centre. I am with the Centre since October 2019. Actually, I have learned alot from the volunteer coordinator and got lot of support to settle and to be successful in my career in Canada. I have found that the Niagara Folk Arts Multicultural Centre is one of the best organizations in Niagara and Canada for its care and training of newcomers.

The Centre is the best place for any newcomer and volunteer to learn, participate in volunteering and networking. All the staff is committed to the cause and helpful to anybody who enters in the Centre. I got lot of confidence and hope while working with the volunteer coordinator. Volunteers are given respect and lot of guidance.

I am grateful for the time and effort the Centre has invested on me. I salute all the management and staff for the great work they are doing to make people settle in the Niagara Region. I have learned that how to unleash your hidden qualities and skills in you and how to work effectively with people from diverse backgrounds. I can’t forget the love and respect I got from the Centre."

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